Sweet Talk

Ulysses is not exactly the talkative kind. He's not quiet – oh no – he sings, he screams, he talks VERY LOUDLY sometimes, but it's very difficult to extract a narrative from him. A typical conversation with him might go like this:

me: How was your day today, sweetie?
U.: ok.

me: What did you guys do?
U.: stuff.
me: Did your music teacher came this morning?
U.: yes.
me: And what did you do with her?
U.: stuff.

You get the picture. Not the most detailed conversation.

Lately though, when he lies in bed at night, trying to fall asleep as I lie next to him, (Yes, you got me, I'm the worst instilling-in-your-kids-proper-sleeping-habits mom ever. At 3.2 Ulysses still cannot fall asleep unless I'm right there next to him, but that's a whole different post, so moving along,) he will suddenly raise his head and start whispering all kinds of stories – stuff that happened to him during the day, stuff that he plans on doing tomorrow, even things that happened last week or as he puts it "on Friday", (Friday being his term for some very important moment either in the past or in the future.)

Now I'm lying there, exhausted from the long day, just waiting for him to GO TO SLEEP ALREADY. My first reaction to this unexpected burst of narration is "okay, honey, now be quiet and go to sleep," but when rethinking about it later I was like "duh". The kid is finally telling me about his day plus, he's whispering. WHISPERING for god's sake! How cute is that? And all I think of is how much I want him to go to sleep already, and how I have laundry to fold and yada yada yada.

So I made a conscious decision to just listen to him. And treasure the moment. And actually enjoy myself by listening to all his sweet talk. Not think about laundry or house chores. Allow him those extra 10 minutes before he goes to sleep. And it's awesome.

New Year's Resolution #3: Try to enjoy Now more and think of Later less.

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Time goes by so slowly?*

One of the reasons I love the whole new year thing (despite the fact I haven't been to a decent New Year's Eve party in YEARS), is the top-tens. You know, everyone is doing their lists – this year's top-10 books, next year's top-30 new trends
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Mini Poll about your Mini Pool

Have you ever used a toy and thought – oh man, this could have been so much better if only it had a (fill in the blank)!

Well, it's your lucky day, this post is all about you and your opinion. All you have to do is take a minute and answer this two teeny-weeny questions about your baby's bath time habits by marking how strongly you agree or disagree with the statements:


See, that was easy.

By the way, if you have more to say on the subject or any adorable bath time stories you feel like sharing, please leave me a comment below. Thanks!

p.s to all of you who come here often: I'll be I am updating the timestamp on this post so it will always be the first until we have enough votes, then I will let it sink. If it bugs you to keep seeing the same post over and over again you can either let it all out in the comment section or tell all your friends and neighbors to come and vote, so we can close it fast.

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It'll only take a minute


You know that old joke about the husband who comes home to find it in shambles with his children all dirty and hungry and crying, rushes over to his wife in alarm and finds her lounging in bed reading a book and eating ice cream out of the tub or something, so he asks her "Dear lord, what happened here?" and she answers "Well, you know how you come home everyday and ask me 'what did you do all day'?" So he goes "Aha", so she says, "Well today I didn't do it."
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Strollerderby – new communal blog for urban parents

Stefania from CityMama linked to Strollerderby, a new communal blog that is part of Babble – Parent talk for young urban parents. I've been there, it's awesome, but be warned – if you don't like people looking at you while you choke and tear with laughter, visit there only when you're sure no one is looking…

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Love Thursday – Insects and Reptiles!

My first Love Thursday post…

The Dandelion will be celebrating his first birthday in 3 days (woo-hoo!), and today they celebrated at his daycare. His daycare manager even got him presents:

Now you might think – what is wrong with this person, buying insects and reptiles for a baby? But he loved it. His reaction was the overjoyed-laghuter-enhaling-type sound he makes when he's REALLY happy.

It was the final proof that this is the right place for him – and trust me, I needed the proof. His first 2 months there were very difficult. He's the youngest one there, with a 4 months gap between him and the next youngest child, and he was raising hell for weeks before he'd gotten used to being there. Once he started getting better, I was getting more and more comfortable with the place and even started to like it.

Today was the last step in winning me over. Getting The Dandelion something that is so perfect for him made me see how much the person who runs the daycare had put into really getting to know him, and how much she really does care for him. Entrusting your baby into the care of a stranger is a very hard thing to do. Realizing that the love this person has for your child has transformed him from stranger to friend is a tremendous relief and joy.

P.S: from a very very different angle – how much love must this man, James Kim, have had for his family?. I didn't know him, but his story has brought tears to my eyes. My heart goes out to his courageous wife and two beautiful daughters. May he rest in peace.

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