Wednesday is Developmental Tip Day: #8

This week's developmental tip is something I'm always trying to remember. I'm impatient by nature, and so am always too quick to do things for my boys instead of allowing them the time to try them out on their own. As usual, this tip comes to you from the Tiny Love Developmental Center.

Age: 9-12 months

Skill/Element: EQ
It is important to encourage the baby to do things independently, as much as possible. Offer possible solutions, but do not be too quick to solve all problems for him.

See you next Wednesday at the next Tip of the Week!
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Hip parent? Nope. Neanderthal? Oh yes.

generation gapAt 27, writing a blog and doing Internet stuff for Tiny Love, I consider myself relatively young and somewhat Internet-savvy. Let me rephrase that: I considered myself relatively young and somewhat Internet-savvy until I've read this (thanks for the link, Uri ). Now I feel like a Neanderthal.

Emily Nussbaum of New York Magazine talked to a few people, 17 to 26 years old, about their online presence and their sense of self and sense of privacy, and is painting a convincing picture of a way of life that is radically different than the one we're used to. According to her, the whole concept of privacy and the extent to which one is willing to share one's life online is seperating the young from the old as effectively as Elvis did it in the fifties and as nothing has done since. להמשיך לקרוא

Wednesday is Developmental Tip Day: #7

Oops. Let's just pretend it's still Wednesday, ooo-kee? Without further adieu, from the Tiny Love Developmental Center, it's the weekly developmental tip:

Age: 3-6 months

Skill/Element: Object Permanence
Partially hide one of your baby's favorite toys. Watch as he tries to find it. Uncover and then partially cover the toy a number of times. This helps your baby understand that the toy is there even when he doesn't see it.

See you next Wednesday at the next Tip of the Week!
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Born Learning / Ad Council PSAs

Being in public with a child has a certain quality to it that non-parents don't always get. Walking around childless, doing my everyday errands or grocery shopping, I usually keep to myself, try to be sufficently polite, finish my designated business and go home. When with one or both of my children, walking around is always more of a spectacle. My kids, little zen mastres that they are, don't always feel they need to walk toward something. The walk itself is interesting enough. Can't say I'm always game with their inability to cover the 10 yards from the grocery store to the orange-juice-guy in less than 10 minutes, but when I am, they are the most exciting 10 yards of the day.

These funny and touching PSAs (Through Thingamababy via ParentHacks), get it. They manage to pinpoint the fact that with kids everything is an occasion for learning, because what might be trivial and mundane to us, is exciting and stimulating to them.

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And the winners are:

Ladies and gentlebabies, we have a winner!

After an emotional and turbulant voting process, I'm glad to announce the Tiny Love Blog Valentine's contest winners.

First place goes to: *drumroll* Anna's Jakub with 24% of the votes.

Anna's Jakub

Second place, the adorable Amelia, with 20% of the votes.


And in the third place, sweet Maryia with 18% of the votes.


I'll contact all you winners this coming week regarding your prizes.
Thank you everybody who participated, sent pictures, voted, revoted, protested about revoting, participated in the revoting discussion or just chimed in to say: "hey, these are some cute babes".

Stay tuned! Another contest will be coming pretty soon…

Posting is over, it's votin' time!

**MORE UPDATE: the people have spoken and voting more than once is now officialy disabled. Past revotes have been subtracted, so all should be well. **

**UPDATE: see discussion of revoting in the comments. **

Posting for the Valentine's Photo contest is officially over, thank you everyone who participated! It's time to vote for your favorite Valentine's baby, so line up those relatives, friends and neighbors, and go for the prizes.
Voting will be over in exactly 4 days, Sunday Feb 18th at Midnight PST, and winners will be announced on Monday.

Wednesday is Developmental Tip Day: #6

We-we-we-weekly Wednsday developmental tip from the Tiny Love Developmental Center.

Age: 9-12 months
Skill/Element: Gross Motor Skills

Place toys on a low table, encouraging the baby to stand and use his hands to play with the toy. This helps develop balance and help prepare him for walking.

See you next Wednesday at the next Tip of the Week!

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Love Thursday: Past moments of love

holding hands

Love Thursday's mantra this week is "past moments of love in your lives". Hmm… past moments of love… you mean before I had my kids… like, love that has to do with actual adults… yeah, there used to be this one person, who was that? Oh yeah, I remember. My husband.

In the midst of the baby+toddler-raising/ going-to-work/ household-chores topsy-turviness that is our routine, it's easy to forget that the man besides me is more than a comrade-in-arms. It's easy to forget that he has a role in my life beyond sharing the workload and managing the logistics. It's easy to forget that I have feelings for him that transcend the "oh good, you're home, take this screaming baby from me" or "how many times do I need to ask you to (fill in the blank)."

It's easy to remember too. Remember the pure tingly excitement that used to suffuse me before our dates. How I thought there was no one better looking than him, not even David Bowie, (I still think so). The glorious sunshine and mild nausea of our wedding day. How we insisted on eating from the same plate for the first 3 years we were together. How we used to be all over each other all the time. Remember those first days after Ulysses was born, when we zigzagged between euphoria and hysterics.Our first car ride with both Ulysses and The Dandelion when we felt like a real grown-up family, with a car full of children.

In the midst of the topsy-turviness that is our routine, I'm taking a few moments to remember those unadultrated past moments of love, and looking forward to future ones.

Love you shuga.

Photo credit: limegreen9

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