Shoot me, my kids are at daycare

I don't know how I could have missed the buzz about the daycare research (you know, the one about how staying at daycare centers makes children behave badly and basically messes them up for life, see here and here and here as well), but I'm glad I've missed it because it saved me a lot of aggravation.

The Slate article that clued me into this is pinpointing exactly everything that is wrong here, and I'm bulleting:

  • The way the media presented the results of the study is skewed toward the predisposition that "daycare is bad". They have over-emphesised the negative impact of daycare.
  • Actually, kids who went to quality daycare centers have scored higher on some levels than those who were raised at home
  • Bottom line: parenting skills and style are the crucial factor in determining the behavior of the child regardless of their child-care settings.

Putting you child in daycare can be enough of a guilt-trip without alarmist media pointing their finger at you and screaming "bad parent!". Given that most mothers have to work to sustain an acceptable lifestyle, we, as parents, need to promote a more constructive agenda: every child (and every parent) deserve quality daycare. If you want to actually do something about it, go to the the momRising site and see what the smart women over there are saying.

P.S: just to make sure, this is not, in anyway, to the detriment of SAHPs or WAHPs or anyone who's at home with their kids: you people rock, and have the hardest job of them all.

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Wednesday is Developmental Tip Day: #12

An ode to stomach flu:

Oh stomach flu, thy ruthless grip
Has left me with no Wednesday tip
I will not wait for you to abate
As it is, I'm already one day late!

From the Tiny Love Developmental Center, it's this week's tip:

Age: 1-3 months
Skill/Element: Language & Communication
Face your baby when you speak to her, encourage her to follow your facial expressions and movements, and to imitate them.

See you next Wednesday at the next Tip of the Week!

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Color me well developed

Researchers now say that for improved baby development, parents should use bright, contrasting colors instead of the traditional pastels common in nurseries.

Doesn't sound like groundbreaking news to me, but maybe it's because I work for the company that make this

and this

Symphony in motion mobile

and even this

Peel And Seek

Not shy with the colors here, and for a good reason:

While sensory stimulation is essential, it is also important to know your baby's limits, so you can expose him to the correct, age-appropriate stimuli. In the first months, it’s best to provide him with sharply contrasting stimuli, such as strongly contrasting colors and tones. (Quote taken from here, at the Tiny Love Developmental Center)

If you can't see yourself painting your nursery bright orange and contrasting aquamarine, you can always get baby a toy that serves the same purpose. Say, a mobile. Say this mobile. (Shamelessly promoting own products. Shameless.)

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Ulysses 2.0

How to get ten minutes of peace and quiet while making sure your computer is safe from chubby chocolate-hands in 4 easy steps:


1. Interview child on his musical mood (energetic/calm happy/sad) and click him a playlist at musicovery.

2. Search flickr for your child interests and find a group that matches. Click to view its pictures as a slideshow. Ulysses's enjoyed this.

3. Secure mouse and keyboard far away from child.

4. Enjoy your ten minutes in the sun.

This web 2.0 thing rocks.

(Could this be a hack? not sure… well, I'm tagging it anyways)

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Wednesday is Developmental Tip Day: #11

It's an oral tip today, via the trusty Tiny Love Developmental Center.

Age: 3-6 months

Skill/Element: Fine Motor Skills
Allow baby to explore with his mouth — the most developed exploration tool at his disposal — and exercise the muscles to improve control of his mouth.

See you next Wednesday at the next Tip of the Week!

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Instead of an excuse to why I didn't post in so long

mother and child

I don't know if anyone ever told you, but being a mom is one of the biggest hugest ego-boosters you could experience. There is someone that you mean the world to, and not in the Hallmark-card trite way. You ARE the world to your child. You are his nurturer, her lullaby-singer, his dresser-upper, her boo boo-kisser. When they're hurt, only you can make it okay. When they're afraid, you are the ultimate comfort. When they're happy, they laugh with you.

Only problem though is that when they're hungry and tired and cranky and bruised they only want you you you. That's usually when you start contemplating the idea that maybe this whole adoration thing is a clever plot designed to make you go insane. You will hold on to this thought, vowing never to let them fool you again. You are strong. You are consistent. You are forgetting all about it as soon as your see them asleep in their beds, all cherubic and soft.

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Wednesday is Developmental Tip Day: #10

Respect, yo. Today's tip is about supporting your baby's development by listening to her wishes. This tip actually comes from the the new Cosmo Baby magazine.

Kidding. As usual, it's from the good old Tiny Love Developmental Center.

Age: 6-9 months

Skill/Element: Cognition
If your baby enjoys an activity and shows a desire to repeat it, even though you think it is better to move on to something else, respect her wishes. Rely on her judgment. Anything that your baby is interested in is intrinsically tied to her development. Let her lead the process.

See you next Wednesday at the next Tip of the Week!
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Child free?


A heated debate is unfolding at the Nashville Scene blog (via Suburban Turmoil) regarding the child-free movement. People are getting p-e-r-s-o-n-a-l over there, name-callings and everything. It's a touchy subject any way you slice it – parents generally don't like it when the job of raising their offspring is being compared to taking care of pets, and some non-parents apparently resent it when you ask them about their reproduction plans.

It seems that the child-free movement annoys parents and parents-to-be on three levels: one, their lack of desire to procreate, two, their aversion to being around children and three, their disrespect of parenting and its strains. Of the three, I personally find the later two more annoying. להמשיך לקרוא

It's International Women's Day!

If I was Superwoman I would be:superwoman

  • One part my mom, able to be completely tuned to others' needs and wants.
  • One part my mother-in-law, finding the win-win compromise in every conflict.
  • One part my sister-in-law, getting what I want done, gracefully.
  • One part my sister, being sensitive to others' unspoken needs.
  • One part my best friend: smart,well-read, supremely intellectual, outspoken.
  • One part myself: quick-thinking, optimistic, easy to get along with.

Lots of love to you, my sisters, happy International Women's Day and Love Thursday!

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Wednesday is Developmental Tip Day: #9

This week's tip is great fun for both parent and baby, as usual coming to you courtesy of the Tiny Love Developmental Center.

Age: 1-3 months

Skill/Element: Gross Motor Skills
Massage the baby's entire body. In addition to other benefits, the deep muscle contact of a full body massage communicates important information. From this, babies gain a sense of where their hands, feet, limbs, chest, abdomen and other body parts are.

See you next Wednesday at the next Tip of the Week!
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