List Week: Monday

Daycare is on vacation. Preschool has closed its gates for the rest of the summer. Ulysses and The Dandelion are on the loose.

If I ever want a job as a logistics manager, I'm sure the next two weeks will be the ultimate CV material to land me one, but I won't. D'ya want to know why? A week from today I would have mastered the most coveted, sexiest, most glamourous job of them all. I am The List Maker. Envy me.

This week, my friends, I will share with you one list per day. I call it: List Week.

Monday. August 20th

  • The kids' clothes are on our dresser. Please change them after breakfast.
  • The medium-size red/orange monument in the hallway is not our newest piece of modern art. It's The Bag. The Bag contains everything you need for when you go out: a change of clothes, diapers, wet wipes, toy cars (for Ulysses), a plastic alligator (for The Dandelion), Advil (for you), some snacks (for everyone), and that bill I blamed you for losing (oops). IN THE NAME OF EVERYTHING HOLLY, Don't forget to take The Bag when you go out.
  • If you're buying crayons for your kid-made-mural project, please please get the washable ones.
  • The kids should eat lunch
  • No, McDonald's is not a valid option.
  • Ok, if you must, then so be it, as long as they eat something.

I'll be home around 4.
Call me!

Wednesday is Developmental Tip Day: #30

If you're happy and you know it clap your hands! Or better yet, bang them! (This fun tune is brought to you by the Tiny Love Developmental Center. Thank you for tuning in.)

Age: 6-9 months
Skill/Element: Fine Motor Skills

Offer your baby plastic blocks, one for each hand, to encourage her to bang them together.

See you next Wednesday at the next Tip of the Week!

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Many more sleepless nights await me

I've seen my future and it scared the living daylight out of me:

(From here)

See that? That's The Dandelion in 15 years. I'm SO doomed.

(Maybe I should explain. We went to the amusement park yesterday. The Dandelion went on every ride they would let him. Flying elephants? shrieks of joy. Carousel? Had to pry his chubby hands from the horse's handles when he refused to leave after three rounds. Ferris Wheel? Treetops are apparently his natural habitat. The only place he cried and wanted out was the Swans. They do move at a pace of about a yard an hour, so it makes perfect sense. The kid has no fear. Except of swans.)

I'm so doomed.

5 things


Five things on my existential long-term to-do list:

  1. Be a good mother.
  2. Have a meaningful marriage.
  3. Be good at what I do professionally and constantly learn and evolve.
  4. Read more. Listen to more music. See more art.
  5. Be a good mother.

Five things on my existential long-term to-don't:

  1. Succumb to TV.
  2. Judge my kids according to someone else's standards.
  3. Surrender to my inner loser.
  4. Put anything before family.
  5. Be like everyone else.
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Linkity Link Link 08/10/2007

  • Now that summer is nearing its end, there's a good chance you're running out of ideas for how to get an hour 15 minutes of quiet time. Here's one for you – the crayola coloring studio And it's eco-friendly: to trees were harmed in the creation of this virtual paper.
  • 15 minutes are over? Here's another one that might hold their attention for a bit longer: Make coloring pages from your own photos in three easy steps
  • And while your offspring is busy being creative, you can spend some quality staring time here (see if you could track one little ball all the way down…), or take a look at some quality dominos work. (made by someone WAY too patient)

Wednesday is Developmental Tip Day: #29

Our last tip talked about language development, but how do you help your baby to be understood before she masters her verbal skills and save her some frustration along the way? As usual, our Developmental Center has your answer.

Age: 9-12 months
Skill/Element: EQ

In the pre-verbal stage, encourage your baby to express his needs in the language of emotions – touch, body movement, hand movements, facial expressions, and tone of voice.

See you next Wednesday at the next Tip of the Week!

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Did I not tell you already? I'm a procrastinator.

A. once told me that I'm incapable of doing one thing every single day. (We were going another round at our ongoing challenge called "I do so much more than you around this house", and he was trying to prove a point.) I disagreed: "You could not be more wrong! I shower every day! I eat everyday! Ha!" "I mean something OTHER than your self maintenance." A. replied, "Some chore, or responsibility, you do every day, EVERY DAY, without cutting corners, without slacking, no i'll-do-it-tomorrows and no cover-for-me-todays. You just can't do it, can you?"

I had to admit he was right. I HATE IT WHEN HE'S RIGHT. Grrrr. But he was. I have this horrible tendency to procrastinate (hey, didn't we talk about it already?), and to believe that tomorrow is another day. Then tomorrow becomes the day after tomorrow, and then Sunday and oops, it's been two weeks.

I find that it's harder to resume blogging than it is to start blogging. Starting to blog is a tabula-rasa state, the only way to go is up. But resuming blogging is a matter of getting your groove back, getting back with the rhythm. Not as easy.

Yet here I am, resuming. Promising myself that this is going to be the one thing I'm not going to cut corners on, the one thing I will do everyday. Almost.

P.S: it makes me feel slightly better that I'm not the only one who can't keep her posting rate up.

P.P.S: As a small token of appreciation to those of you still reading me, I give you the. most. beautiful. picture. ever to be taken.

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