Ma Boyz

Boys. I'm surrounded by boys.

If you ever asked me if it would bother me to be surrounded by boys I would answer "heck no." In fact, in some parts of my life that was actually on my to-do list. I even wrote about it before, how I'm not that good at doing the girls thing. One would expect, well, not one, but I would expect that being surrounded by boys will not be a problem for me.

Well, surprise surprise.

I don't know what to tell you people, but boys, they are strange creatures. They work from a completely different set of motivations, and sometimes (or if I am more honest, most of the time) I find myself totally stupefied with the ideas and stunts they find reasonable, not to say desirable.

Let me give you an example:


See what I mean? Now what type of person would think that rolling around and having your head stepped on is to be actively pursued? (All guys, 2-70 can now put their hands back down.)

And you know what kills me? I was a tomboy for crying out loud! I climbed trees! I had wooden swords! I thought I'll be well prepared for this whole boys will be boys thing. Well, no. I'm not. I'm utterly unprepared. Unprepared for the playing in Lego spaceships, unprepared for the talks about car models, unprepared for the contact sport that is two boys jumping on me at the same time. UN-freaking-PREPARED.

But you know what else? My boys, ma boyz, they're awesome. I might not get why they do the things they do, but I could never have wished for a better posse.



A record has been broken. Yes, my friends, a record. According to this blog, the last time I wrote about my children being sick was all the way back in April. That makes it 7 consecutive months of health. Unreal, I know, but true.

Can you guess, bright reader, why I am bringing it up now? Well of course you can. Only reason I'm bringing it up is because my children are, well, sick. At least one of them. Was.

Stayed home with Ulysses yesterday. Him and his 102 degrees fever. You know what? Best quality time I spent with him in longer than I care to remember.

As a baby and a toddler, Ulysses was constantly on the move. Could never stay and play in one place, could never be occupied by something for more than 2 minutes straight. Being his main entertainer caregiver for the first two years of his life, I had to keep him on a regular schedule of plenty of outdoors time where he could run around. Staying indoors was never an option with him, as he would get bored so easily and would start wreaking havoc on the house.

The times we were forced to stay indoors for whole days, due to weather or illness, more often than not a combination of both, almost always ended up with a big unpleasant meltdown. Boredom, pent-up energies and a mom at lost for entertainment ideas all boiled down to frustration and tears.

No more. Salvation is upon us.

Here's what we did yesterday:
Colored for 3 hours.
Had breakfast together.
Rearranged the house together.
Made a shopping list and went to get groceries together. Ulysses was in charge of our list, carrying it importantly around the grocery shop.
Watched some movies.
Had lunch together.
Went to pick up The Dandelion from his preschool.

Not one whine. Not one act of destruction. No one self-combusting at any point. And I even got some work done.

Now, I know most of you who read me have younger kids. I'm sure some of them are as young and restless as Ulysses was. I am your voice of deliverance – fear not, this too shall pass. And you will end up with the most charming, the most pleasant, the most fun-to-be-with kid.

It's truly awesome.

The Sky is Falling! (Or not…)

So I'm going through my Google Reader module in my iGoogle, as per usual, reading the post titles. "Earning Money With Open Source Software", ok, not interested, "Promoting FOSS Media to People Who Don't Care", yeah I don't care, "Huge Hydrogen cloud to hit Milky Way", whatever, "Malware Dist…" WAIT, WHAT? Huge Hydrogen Cloud? Is gonna do what?
להמשיך לקרוא

Dude, Halle Berry. Duuude.

We at the Tiny Love HQ are really into the whole team spirit thing, and nothing, nothing dudes, makes us feel better than a little dose of Tiny-related celebrity-sightings.

So you can imagine how thrilled we were when we saw this:

Halle Berry in In Touch Weekly

Miss Halle Berry buying not one, but two Tiny Love Mobiles for her forthcoming new addition.

Dude – Halle Berry. SO COOL. Dude.

Source: In Touch Weekly

Share your funny baby story with us

baby in car

There are two types of funny baby stories: stories that are funny while they happen, where you call your partner and say "honey, come quick, look at the baby! So cute and funny!" and stories that are only funny in retrospect.

You dig? Let me give you an example of that retrospect thing than.

When Ulysses was about 16mo he got locked in the car. Funny right? Ha Ha! No, I know, not so funny, but hear the rest of it. Ulysses, as regular blog readers know, is obsessed with likes vehicles of all types: cars, motorbikes, planes – if it goes vrrrroooom, he likes it. He had this phase when all he ever wanted to do was sit behind the wheel in our (parking! of course it was parking!) car and "drive". At first he was content with just sitting there, then he had to have the keys in his hand so it will be more real and then one afternoon, he also decided he needed the car door shut.

Problem was, errr… how should I put it? The car was locked at the time. Panic ensued. Here I was, outside the locked car, here was my baby, inside the locked car. With the keys. An array of options went dazzlingly fast through my head – break the window, run home for the spare set of keys, faint… nothing seemed doable. So I inhaled deeply, crouched near the window and, as calmly as I could, mimed to Ulysses how he should press the little button on the car keys remote that unlocks the cars. And, what do you know, he did it. 30 seconds later the car was open, and I started breathing again.

This story have been told in countless family gatherings, to friends, to strangers… anyone. Such a smart boy! (Such a stupid mom…) So funny and precious, yes, definitely, in retrospect.

What's your funny baby story? Leave it in the comments here and it might just be featured in the next issue of the Tiny Love Newsletter*.

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Photo credit: H@arpoon