Pick your Valentine baby


The polls are open, the moment of decision is nigh, it's time to call on duty your friends, relatives, random strangers on the street and vote for your favorite Valentine baby.

You have until March 2nd to vote, and the winner will be featured in our March Newsletter as well as revcieve a super-cute Tiny Love Prize.


New York Toy Fair 2008

So, I'm back from the toy fair, in front of a real computer, with a real keyboard that does not "correct" my spelling on the go, resulting in some pretty stupid mistakes, finally able to write a proper post. (No, don't worry, my trusty iPhone is really close by. I luuuurve you, iPhone.)

The fair was great. So much to see and learn and experience. Both in terms of the wealth of really cool things that are out there, and in terms of seeing Tiny Love in the real world. Tiny Love being a global company, most of the people we work with we do not see f2f on a regular basis. (Especially me, in my protected Internet cocoon. "F2f? Ha? Is that somehow related to Facebook?") It was really nice to meet the real people, talk to them, hear and see their real enthusiasm with the brand and the products.

Speaking of products, we've shown in the fair some cool new activity mats, that received a really warm welcome. If you're subscribed to our newsletter, you'll get a sneak peak at them next week, and if you're not, then, well why aren't you? Go subscribe now! Ok, ok, fine, I'll give you a little sneak peak here as well. (After the jump…) להמשיך לקרוא

live from the New York toy fair

hey,do you know where iI am? blogging  to you straight from the Tiny Love booth at theNew York fair (from my new beloved iphone, but I digress)  The fair is really cool, iI walk around here looking at all the great things out there – so much creativity and innovation – and i'mI'm thinking that Ulysses and the Dandelion would have LOVED it here with all the cars and dinosaurs.  We are presenting here some cool new products and are getting many positive feedbacks on their design and in general about our spirit of innovation. it's really fun to see how people are reacting positivly to something we have all invested so much time anfand energy into. the wordpress/iphone combination isn't really working well, so I will wrap it up here and will give you a better update later. cheers.

Sock it to me

sockYou know what I hate? Socks. Especially those small kids' ones..

Socks are the evil pranksters of the garments family. They are. They look so cute and innocent in their colorful stripy way, sitting in nice pairs in their quaint little baskets in the store, or hanging happily from racks. They catch your eye when you walk past them, making you think "hey, look at those cute socks! Such a lovely couple. They looks so happy together, let me buy them and take them home with me. I know they'll be true to me. I know they will always be there, together, when I need them. In the morning when I'm in a hurry and I need the kids to be ready quickly. When I'm packing a bag for a few days away from home and I need some extra pairs. Look at them, surely nothing can break their happy sock-bond."

And then you take them home and they split on you. One laundry, that's all it takes, two at the most, until you find the little left red sock, the red sock you thought was sooo attached to its right friend, casually befriending the lone left stripy sock that was abandoned last week, while the right one has gone MIA.

What you are left with is this sad basket of lone socks you can't bring yourself to discard, because, who knows? Maybe their partners will miraculously reappear someday. It's like a singles support group gone bad.

I'm raising my white flag of surrender, socks. Please come out of your hiding holes, you will not be punished, promise. Come back to your loved ones, socks, they miss you.

And for the love of all that is holy, don't go disappearing on me at 7:35AM. Not when I'm at my weakest socks, not then.

Photo credit: Hsien-Hsien Lei

Linkity Link Link – Sinkhole Edition

wikipedia breakoutIf you've been wondering how I've been spending my time lately, this here is under no circumstances the answer. No way. I have been diligently doing… err… something else. Productive. Yes.

Okay, glad we cleared that out. Now let me show you some cool stuff.

I bet you would never have guessed it about me, but I have a long history of being addicted to computer games. (Shocked, are you?) There are two types I like – the mind-numbing stupid ones like this one, or the high-strategy days-of-your-life-disappearing-without-notice ones like Civilization and SimCity. There is one week at 1997 SimCity took away from me that I will never get back.

And then I found this game online last week. It's a rare combination of delicious pointless mind-numbness and well, city building. What do you think I did when I found it?


What could be better after an exciting session of city creation then allowing the right side of your brain to get its own outlet with some meditative Myotas?It's like drawing a kaleidescope!

And just in case you have 30 seconds of time-wasting left (and in case you have a smidgen of a doubt that I'm a geek), here's another cool trick (Firefox and Safari only, sorry explorer users.)

You can thank me later when laundry is piling and children are hungry and your impending deadline just went "woosh".

Valentine's Day Blog Photo Contest 08

Two weeks till Valentine's Day.

Don't pretend like you don't know where I'm going with this. That's right, another Blog Photo Contest. Just like last year. Look, we even have the same tag:


This year we kept it simple: just send us a cute Valentine picture of your baby until February 21st and at least one of you will win some fantabolous prizes.

Here's how it's done:

1. If you have a flickr account, post your pictures to the contest group.

2. If you don't have a flickr account, email me your photos to shiri @ tinylove . com (copy/paste to your mail and delete the spaces), and I will post them to the flickr group.

Last date to submit your photos is Feb. 21st, let them photos start poring in!