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High HeelsSomeone should really put some serious effort into a neurological research that will explain what happens in the female mind upon entering a place that sells desirable goods (and by that I mean fashion) with a credit card. It's a phenomenon that is both mathematical and metaphysical where suddenly large numbers become infinitesimal and trivial objects become transcendental.

There's this one boutique not far from my house that I am forbidden to enter. It doesn't matter how much mental preparation I go through before going there, how I promise myself I will not spend more that X even if there's a shirt there with my name on it in diamonds, I always end up spending X times 4. At least. Because GOD HOW CAN I CONTINUE LEAVING WITHOUT THIS black sweater/new jeans/cool t-shirt/drop-dead gorgeous shoes that are now ON SALE, only slightly ridiculously expensive, and not completely ridiculously expensive as before?

In general, I'm not a very dressy person. I'm pretty true to my chucks and jeans. But my fashion-induced momentary lapses in coherent thought result in peculiar objects such as the 5-inches-heels silver sandals. Now, they are to. Die. For. Seriously. Only one problem though – I can't walk on high heels. [Why, for the love of all that is holy, will you spend even one dime on shoes you can't walk with? If you have to ask you are probably not a woman.]

You know who can walk on high heels though? The Dandelion. Little dude is rocking them heels like he was born in Prada. Once in a while he will take them out of the shoe-box, disrupting their perpetual beauty sleep, and start prancing around the house in them. And people, it is FUNNY. He's so good! He's almost graceful. At least as graceful as a chubby little quarterback on heels can be.

Now all I'm waiting for is for either my dad or my SIL to witness that. It took them a few years to get over the Ulysses nail polish incident, how long do you think this one will take?

Photo credit: Amy March

Valentine's Day Blog Photo Contest 08 – Winner


In what is on its way to become a tradition here at the Tiny Love blog, our Valentine photo contest is really bringing out the dedicated voters in all of you… Well, after narrowing down double (not to say 600-le) votes, ladies and gentlemen, we have a winner. And his name is

Mark Nicholas

Just for the record, Amelia, who is a Tiny Love contests veteran, came in a very close second… And I want to extend an honorary mention to Hannah and Emily who has someone who loves them very very much, judging by their dedication to voting for them.

Congrats Mark Nicholas! You will be featured in one of our coming newsletter (either March, which comes out this week, or April) and will also receive this adorable little puppy.

Cheryl – Please email me your mailing address, so I can send you your prize.

Thank you everyone who participated. Was it as fun for you as it was for me?